WhatsApp: A way to market your products & service with guaranteed response

Whatsapp has evolved since its inception and has almost replaced SMS services! Its free, easy to use and downloads quickly. You can attach photos, videos etc. to your message and send it across the world for free! Well, every one knows those features and I do not intend to list them again.

Our focus is how one can use whatsapp as a marketing tool. What Whatsapp offers out of the box, are few of the finest marketing features, available for free.

  • You can create an advertisement — image or video, about your services/products and share with your whatsapp group. You can ask your groups to share this to other groups as well. This way, it spreads quickly with 100% impression.  Since people always trust the content shared by the trusted people, every one gonna view it at least once.
  • You do not pay anything for advertising this way at all! Isn’t it amazing?
  • You can send messages with image or video at any time, from anywhere and it will hit the target
  • At certain extent, you can track the performance of your advertisement. If you have made some offer in your advertisement, you will know exact number of leads.
  • It also gives you a chance to get feedback about your products or services.

So far, whatsapp has been a great way to market your products and services. Just give it a try!


Do you install apps, offering similar features on your mobile?

Execute your projects successfully in 2014

Whether you are in Software/web development industry or constructing giant buildings, you should always know what you are doing, right? This is when project management comes in!

There are few points you should take care while executing a project:

  • Requirements
  • Communication
  • Feedback



A project can be managed better when you have all the details from your client and you understand the requirements well! If you have any doubts or queries about the requirements, you should talk to the client and resolve the query. Otherwise, you will be doing lots of rework and it will cost you both time and money!

Some times clients want to change the requirements when you are working on some aspect of the original requirements. In such situation, you should learn how the new change will affect the existing features and how it will affect the other features which you are going to build. Failing to estimate this will result in project failure and termination



This is one of the key aspects of any project! At any point of time, client should know what aspects of the project you are working on. This will make both client & you understand the work flow better and there will be no surprises! If possible, talk to client on daily basis.



Learning feedback from client will assure that if the project is progressing towards achieving the goal. You should listen to your client and work on their feedback. This will ensure a successful execution of your project!



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Drupal Pin, search is not finding based on search of tags, any advice?

Answer by Bhavin Joshi:

By tags, do you mean taxonomy terms associated with the node? Usually, by default Drupal search does not search in tags but in title & description of the node. You have to build a custom module to accommodate the tags in search result or have to look for a module that offers similar feature on Drupal.org

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