Outsouring to Sweat Shops

Joshi Consultancy Services is committed and engaged to provide the best working environment to its employees. JCS offers best competitive salaries and other benefits so our employee can work with a peace of mind. JCS does not belive in working extra hours. We strictly close everything after our working hours. We celebrate all the major religious festivals according to Hindu calendar and public holidays celebrated by entire nation. We celebrate independence day and republic day at our work place.

We never work with clients who treat us as a Sweat shop. We never accepts such offers which include maximum work, minimum pay. Because JCS believes in Maximum work, fair pay! If clients do not outsource the projects and develop within their countries it would cost them almost 90 times costlier. The average salary of a well-experienced IT professional would be around US $2500 per week. If project spans for 2 months, for each such developer, the salary would  be US $10000 per month and if we consider other expenses like electricity, resources and other benifets to developer, it would cost them around $15000 per developer per month. And that’s why they oursource their projects and get them done in 90 times lower cost! They put some terms and condition which quite hard for an average developer working as freelancer.  Most of the time, they would have not paid the full payment because they fire the developer during the developer and hire someone else with lower cost!

We, at JCS, never entertain such practice by clients and always insist on 25% upfront payment paid by the client once we reach to an agreement with the client. Clients who do not willing to pay the upfront payment are those who are looking for sweaters. Sometimes clients puts conditions which are completely unacceptable.

We never do such practice in the interests our employees.